We believe that travelling is a wonderful way of discovering the different facets of our world and, especially, its inhabitants. 
Our idea is to promote THE SILENT TRAVELERS behavior, exploring places and cultures without being obtrusive towards people and the environment. For us, visiting a country does't mean being the protagonist of the scene but rather appreciate simple local things, behaviors and scenarios quietly.
The more our approach is "silent" the more our experience will be authentic.

Breath, look up and down and all around you, disconnect your thoughts and start observing. Live! Respect the others and the environment, smile!



A trip across the Northern part of Sudan, also known as Nubia.



This trip consisted essentially in two parts: East Java and Bali. We discovered Buddhist and Hindu temples as well as different cultures within a fantastic and extended country.


Serena and Dario, two travel enthusiasts. Whenever we have time, out of our daily business, we are always focused on

"the next trip".


We love to get in touch with cultures and and landscapes. And then we like to fix them in our memories through a camera's eye.


Follow us to discover which is the next one and to get info on our past ones.

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